Our Story

Sunday Market was created after spending almost three months in Central & South America, SOLO - 2011.

These travels ignited a fire - an instant love of backpacking, on the road, simple, gypsy-wannabe-living kind of lifestyle.

This is is where the admiration of handmade, one of a kind jewels and appreciation for local creators and artisans selling their wares at market stalls was born. 

TRAVEL - There is this huge sense of freedom that you feel when traveling alone. It's something that you can't really explain until you try it, you have no choice but to 'get lost' or find your way which brings out the real and raw in you. 

I've learnt so much about myself and pushed so many personal boundaries and  limits discovering these beautiful parts of the globe, it opens your eyes in ways you'll never know if you don't experience it.

I was utterly mesmerized by all of the local markets across these beautiful parts of the globe - completely overwhelmed by all of the coloured textiles, vibrant fabrics, silver, soul soothing gems and stones - I couldn't leave these places without making connections and taking a part of their magic home with me. (and boy oh boy did I slug back over 30kgs home with me! not including the boxes that were sent home, lost and found along the way...)

Approximately one year later wanderlust came knocking, again. I ventured off to South East Asia for just over a month to find that freedom and to "get lost" in culture , again.

The love of travel and culture still burns so bright within me and my journey continues to wherever the wind decides to take me...

We support local families and their businesses in Indonesia and have very tight connections with suppliers in Thailand and South America.

I venture in and out of Indonesia and have beautiful connections all over the globe with regard to business and the products I sell - the craftsmanship leaves me breathless all the time, no words, simply outstanding and I am forever in awe of these gorgeous artisans. 

MARKETS - Markets have such a surreal ambiance to them, whether it be local artisans making handicrafts, road-side food stalls feeding their people or just simply being in the presence of it all - creates magic! This is what you really call making a living...

This is where I have created my own magic market - Sunday Market Barefoot Boheme

My aim is is to recreate that same market ambiance when online and in Australia.

Here is a tiny glimpse into my world, what I love to do, love to create and what I find along the way... 

If It's not handmade , it is all fair-trade.


To all the helpers that surround SM - I'll forever be in your debt - and you'll forever have an abundant supply of jewellery and tie-dye.